Become your best you

How many times have you wanted to change or achieve something but not been able to?


Thanks to research in neuroscience, so much more is understood today as to how our brains are structured, how our minds work and how we really can achieve change through effectively rewiring our brains.

When we are in a state of hypnosis our minds become more suggestible, particularly so when we already know that the suggestions made are entirely in line with our goals. 

All hypnosis is self hypnosis

The state of hypnosis is a natural human experience. It is likened to getting engrossed in a film, becoming lost in thought or music. This is no stage show. 


My work is developed from research empowering the client to achieve the outcome they seek. 

I specialise in three areas


  • Emotional well being - Aiding clients with anxiety and stress, empowering others to take back control from that negative chatterbox inside heads. 

  • Weight Loss - I have developed a programme using hypnosis and providing the client with simple tasks to undertake to cement change. My weight loss programme is aimed at long term change giving the client the tools to manage their weight for the long term avoiding the yoyo affect. Weight loss is achieved through behavioural changes and not a restricted diet​. (For nutritional or sporting advice you will need to seek a competent professional in these areas)

  • Leadership/Confidence - Developing confidence and belief to just be the person you want to be, be it in your personal or career environment. 

As part of your work with me you will learn self hypnosis and be able to use this state of consciousness to your benefit in the direction of your choice. 

A free initial consultation gives us the opportunity to meet, discuss the issue(s) and decide whether we would be a good fit to work together. 

Due to Covid-19 all sessions will be online.

(I use a high definition (4K) camera and a pro microphone to ensure a high quality online experience.)​