Hi, I'm Liz

Here is a little bit about my life and how I got here. 


My life was turned upside down in my 20s. I married my childhood sweetheart, had my first born son. Then months later during the premature birth of twins, my second born was left with severe brain damage following serious complications. I too  nearly died. I recovered after a few weeks but my son did not. 


My world fell apart.  I was in my early twenties with 3 babies, one requiring constant care. I was in the wilderness just struggling for mental survival. My marriage broke down under the strain.


By throwing myself in to study and work I found an escape. And I then discovered that from all the mental strains and juggling of tasks over the past years I had developed some great coping and management skills that were now paying off. 

For the first time since becoming an adult I felt valued and experienced continued success in my working life. 

With ongoing health related problems with both of my sons, I continued to seriously struggle mentally. I spent my time trying to pretend I was ok. 

And then I discovered hypnotherapy and coaching through a friend. It was a game changer! 

It created such a change in my mindset! I needed to understand what had happened and began studying and learning how this works. How our minds process information and how we can change ourselves. 

Such progress has been made in the science of the mind and brain. It is fascinating.  

This field has taught and helped me so much that I decided to continue my studies, obtain the qualifications and make the career move. 


Helping others is the best job in the world.